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Siren Candle (deep sea botanicals and labdanum)


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Fragrance notes: deep sea botanicals and labdanum

Whoa to those who hear the song of the siren, for they will surely perish. To hear the siren’s enchanting voice is to fall into a fatal lethargy, an entranced state where nothing else matters except an irresistible yearning to find the source of the beautiful singing. Whoa to those who succumb, for they are now prey to the siren.

There are several origin stories for the siren. One that is widely told is that they were once the handmaidens of Persephone but were cursed by Demeter for failing to protect her from being abducted by Hades and drawn down into the Underworld. A surprise to many, mainly due to pop culture portrayals, the sirens of Greek mythology are not mermaids. The distinction between the two was lost through depictions in medieval artwork, images which are more common to us today than of the ancient illustrations of the creatures. Sirens are bird women. Ancient Greek artwork shows them in several forms such a literal bird with a woman’s head or a woman fully-formed with wings. They were not water creatures but rather lived on a flourishing island in the western Mediterranean. An island surrounded by jutting rocks perfect for smashing the ships of ensnared sailors. The song of the siren is the song of death.

Siren is a wild and daring fragrance. Inspired by the sirens of Greek mythology this is a complex fragrance reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. It evokes the sensual perfume of deep sea botanicals, rocky cliffs, and the warm sandy breeze of an enchanted and treacherous island. The bold ocean aroma of Siren is balanced by labdanum, a resin of the cistus ladanifer shrub. Often referred to as rockrose, this native Mediterranean shrub blooms beautiful flowers in shades of pink and white. Its resin, labdanum, has a heady and deep aroma perceived in notes of rich leather and amber layered with honey-like sweetness and hints of plum. Siren is a truly unique fragrance. Its invigorating aroma may strengthen your resistance to a siren’s enthrallment. Then again, it probably won’t. No one escapes the lethal song of the siren.

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4 ounce soy candle in a classic round jar: 25-30 hour burn time
9 ounce soy candle in an unique oval hexagonal jar: 55-60 hour burn time
16 ounce soy candle in a large classic round jar: 90-100 hour burn time
Tea lights: available here

► Gift box included with 4oz and 9oz
► 16oz packaged in black & white burlap drawstring bag

► Perfectly scented with essential oil and perfume oil blends
► Hand blended with care in small batches with these simple ingredients: natural soy wax, cotton wick, premium fragrances, magic
►100% vegan and contains no dyes, parabens, phthalates, or other toxins
► $1 from every website order is donated to support wolf conservation. Learn more here.

Candle care tips are included with every order. You can also learn how to extend the life of your new candle here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Susan Cierlitsky

This is one of my favorite candles. It has a solid, but subtle scent that reminds you of the sea. Great packaging, love the samples, and quick delivery.

Lisa Tackett
Be lured by the Siren

Enchanting fragrance! Takes you to a garden overlooking the sea in Portugal

The Siren is calling my name.

I first got this candle in the Spring Bundle and I honestly had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of Labdanum and sea based scents are usually hit or miss with me. When I opened that candle my brain went to mush, in a good way! The scent is a warm and thick scent, like you're being wrapped in a comforting blanket. There's a bit of musk with a sharp, somehow clean undertone. It's a sweet yet fresh scent. Honestly I'd use this candle all year round because the scent is so versatile.

Lynn Jones
Lovely and light

Siren is a beautiful, light scent. It's hard to describe the scent combination, but it does have a robust floral fragrance combined with what I imagine seafoam to smell like. Living my whole life in the middle of the desert Southwest, I can barely remember what the ocean smells like. But with this candle, I can close my eyes and easily imagine standing at the seashore on a bright day. Thank you, Harmony, for all the care you put into my first order. And thanks for all the extra little goodies!

Island breeze

The scent of siren transports you to a lone island beach. A warm breeze, toes in the wet, squishy sand, exploring hidden caves, collecting shells, hearing birds overhead...