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"What is dark within me, illumine.” 

                              - John Milton, Paradise Lost

The Old Soul Artisan Manifesto
by Harmony Todd

The feel of crisp pages and smell of old books fill us with nostalgia for our printed companions. We are old souls who have lived a thousand lives through reading. Bound by no book, our imagination bursts forth from the pages. With one foot on the ground and the other in the clouds, we are independent thinkers and unrepentant dreamers.

Literature is a magic mirror, a portal to the dark psyche where epic battles between good and evil exist. What is written on the pages, is from within. We are all heroes and villains. Without darkness, there can be no light and no worthwhile tale.

We embrace the darkness. We possess the shadows that few dare to gaze upon. We embody explorers of old, unafraid to traverse the dark periphery of our mind. We feel more alive because of it. Our story is far from over, our journey has only just begun.

Join us. Step into the shadows. Illuminate your darkness.

Featured Scent of the Month: Corpse Queen

Our fragrance Corpse Queen is inspired by the vivid smells described in Heather M. Herrman's novel by the same name about 19th century body snatchers. While body snatching may be ghastly, this fragrance is actually rather delightful. The scent profile begins with a base of sawdust, the woody aroma of an old cedar coffin. Blended with the cedar is a nostalgic note of peppermint. A fresh peppermint aroma that evokes imagery of herbal candy sold in a fancy jar at an old apothecary shop. A twist of lemon peel beautifully tops off the fragrance and ties everything together.

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