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Wolf Conservation

You've made a difference! Your purchase from Old Soul Artisan makes a difference! $1 from each website order is donated to support wolf conservation efforts.

Why wolves?

Wolves are found throughout folklore and dark literature. From the 'Big Bad Wolf' character in many fairytales such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs, to Fenrir in Norse mythology and the direwolves in A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series, to the countless tales involving shape shifting werewolves, there is a rich tradition of wolves within mythology and literature. These characters have provided us with a wealth of enjoyment over many thousands of years of storytelling. Beyond fairytales, wolves are revered as sacred animals in many Native American traditions.

North American wolf populations are endangered and facing hardships due to habitat loss and hunting. Now it's time for us to help them. 

Old Soul Artisan donates $1 from every website order to a handful of organizations working to promote wolf conservation within the United States. Donations collected have been distributed to these organizations:

Wolf Conservation Center (S. Salem, NY)

Lakota Wolf Preserve (Columbia, NJ)

Wolf Sanctuary of PA (Lititz, PA)

Howling Woods Farm (Jackson, NJ)

Wolves of the Rockies (Stevensville, MT)

Wolf Connection (Palmdale, CA)

To learn more about wolves and wolf conservation please visit the websites of these donation partners. These organizations were selected based on their excellent work of educating the public about wolves and for their conservation efforts. I've personally visited several of these organizations and have seen first hand the incredible work they do on a daily basis. 

As of December 2023 donations have totaled more than $9,434! 

If you have any questions/comments please email

Harmony at Howling Woods FarmHarmony at Howling Woods Farm in Jackson, NJ