Krampus Soy Candle (pine, apples, winter florals)


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Fragrance notes: pine, apples, winter florals


Krampus imagery has made a resurgence and is one of the best-known traditions of folklore from the Central European Alps. Krampus is a fearsome half-goat, half-demon evil companion of good ole St. Nick. This wicked hairy devil figure punishes misbehaving children by beating them with birch branches, or worse, making them disappear. In North America, Santa Claus comes with presents on Christmas Eve, but in Europe the Feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6th and this is traditionally when children were given gifts. In the German-speaking Alpine region the preceding evening of December 5th is when Krampus comes to town. On Krampusnacht (Krampus night) you might expect to see a procession of Krampuses in elaborate costumes strolling through the streets wearing bells and chains. Heed this warning: if you've been naughty, you may get whipped!

Inspired by a most fascinating character of lore, this fragrance is dedicated to Krampus, the so-called Christmas Devil. The combination of holly berry, fresh cut apples, and Christmas lilies create a joyful and festive blend. Underneath all that aromatic merriment, the crisp note of pine reminds you that something wild lurks outside. This fragrance is the perfect way to celebrate one of Central Europe’s dark holiday traditions.

4 ounce 4 ounce soy candle in a classic round jar: 25-30 hour burn time
9 ounce soy candle in an unique oval hexagonal jar: 55-60 hour burn time
16 ounce soy candle in a large classic round jar: 90-100 hour burn time
► This seasonal scent has a limited availability in tea lights. If available, they will be listed here.

► Gift box included with 4oz and 9oz
► 16oz packaged in black & white burlap drawstring bag

► Perfectly scented with essential oil and perfume oil blends
► Hand blended with care in small batches with these simple ingredients: natural soy wax, cotton wick, premium fragrances, magic
►100% vegan and contains no dyes, parabens, phthalates, or other toxins
► $1 from every website order is donated to support wolf conservation. Learn more here.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Lynch
Krampus Candle

One of my absolute favorites! You get subtle hints of fruit and pine, it is a scent that people like, but can’t immediately identify and I like that!

Debbie Chamberlin/Avila
Krampus Soy Candle

I would think Krampus scented candle
would smell somewhat frightfull?
What a pleasent scent this candle has!
I can smell pine trees among crisp apples.

Jaime Romero
Best scent every year

I look forward to Krampus every year. It smells so unique and lovely

Mrs. Meanie
One of my top favs for sure!

I bought it this year just to have. I still might be going through last rounds, I just don't want to miss it when it's gone. It's fruity and and a little sharp...and I just love it so much. I always come back for more, I'm such a fan.

Lynn Jones
Who Knew the Dark Forces of Christmas Could Smell So Good?

Oh, how I love the fragrance of this seasonal candle! I'm so glad I got a chance to snatch one up this Christmas. I can definitely smell the sweet resiny pine intermingled with wintery apples, and the throw is so good it touches every corner of my large-ish bedroom. I'm definitely going to light this on Christmas day. Krampus might be a dangerously grumpy mythological figure, but he sure smells amazing! Thank you, Harmony, for the included sample of Ritual. It smells wonderful and I can't wait to light it. Thanks also for your amazing packaging! I love the included cloth bag. I can get a lot of use out of that.