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Day of the Dead Soy Candle (orange and chili pepper)


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Fragrance notes: orange and chili pepper

The Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos is a beautiful tradition that honors ancestors and deceased loved ones. The celebration venerates the cycle of life and reaffirms the connection to the spirit world with offerings of food and gifts to the departed. Bright orange and yellow colored marigolds, candles, and elaborately painted sugar skulls adorn both home altars and cemeteries alike. Meticulously crafted desserts and breads are shared with family, friends, and the spirits of ancestors. This multi-day event immediately following Halloween is a time of spirited celebration and memory sharing. Mexico City hosts a large Day of the Dead parade featuring skull imagery in just about every form possible from large floats and puppets to celebrants performing traditional Mexican dancing and groups of ‘Catrinas’ wearing formal attire with artistic and unique skull-painted faces.

Day of the Dead is a lively blend of sweet and tangy orange with the powerful kick of spicy chili pepper. This fragrance is bold, as only one inspired by Mexico’s Día de los Muertos can be. Infused with natural essential oils, this vibrant aroma was created in memoriam of our ancestors and to honor the cycle of life connecting living and departed spirits together. Get caught up in the festivities with this fragrance that captures the energy and passion of Day of the Dead celebrations.

4 ounce soy candle in a classic round jar: 25-30 hour burn time
9 ounce soy candle in an unique oval hexagonal jar: 55-60 hour burn time
16 ounce soy candle in a large classic round jar: 90-100 hour burn time
Tea lights: available here

► Gift box included with 4oz and 9oz
► 16oz packaged in black & white burlap drawstring bag

► Perfectly scented with essential oil and perfume oil blends
► Hand blended with care in small batches with these simple ingredients: natural soy wax, cotton wick, premium fragrances, magic
►100% vegan and contains no dyes, parabens, phthalates, or other toxins
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

An amazing blend of citrus and spice! This one is my kitchen candle! Absolutely adore it!

Such an energizing scent

I was so surprised when I first smelled this one. It's citrusy and fresh, and the chili gives it the most unique kick. You can almost see the inspirational bright oranges and yellows when it's burning. It is bold and has great throw. I cannot recommend this scent enough, it has become one of my favorites.

Great scent!

This is wonderfully scented! The orange is definitely dominant, but the subtle chili fragrance does not go unnoticed. My mouth was actually watering at one point, like a good spicy meal was just placed in front of me.
The candle itself is beautiful and well made.

The oranges have it.

I got this candle for my husband specifically. He loves citrus candles. After lighting it, I was over taken by the citrus scent. Then I left the room and I as entered the chili pepper hit me and then the two scents danced delightfully in my nose all day.

Christina X Colosimo
Strong Unique Scent!

Wow, this one took me aback a bit. I should have known Day of the Dead would be a strong scent. And sure enough just smelling the jar before I burned it, my nose was like, whoa! Keep in mind, I am 45 years old and just switched to hot sauce on my tacos last year, so that gives you an idea of my "spice" level. My husband is the exact opposite. He has happily burned Day of the Dead in a small cubicle/home office all day. He loves it! So for people like me, I would recommend the 4oz and for people like my husband, the larger jars. Even though it is a touch too strong for me, I am impressed with how unique the scent is. I've certainly never had a candle like this one. I will definitely burn this on Day of the Dead. I love trying out Old Soul's candles, because they are always interesting and unique.