Danse Macabre Soy Candle (black cherry merlot)


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Fragrance notes: black cherry merlot

“Tap, tap, tap—Death rhythmically,
Taps a tomb with his heel,
Death at midnight plays a gigue,
Tap, tap, tap, on his violin.
The Winter wind blows, the night is dark,
The lime-trees groan aloud;
White skeletons flit across the gloom,
Running and leaping beneath their huge shrouds."
- The 1872 poem Danse Macabre by Henri Cazalis was set to music by composer Camille Saint-Saëns and is one of the most famous pieces of music for Halloween. In the poem Death appears at midnight and invites the deceased residents of a cemetery to join his dance. King and peasant alike dance together until sunrise. 

Danse Macabre, literally the "dance of death" in French is an artistic allegory of death. Medieval Europe was a harsh place to live with high mortality rates due to plague, poverty, and war. Even within highly stratified societies, death is the harbinger of equality. An art movement arose around the concept of memento mori, death comes for us all. Art, literature, and music surrounding the personified character "Death" and his dancing skeletons appeared throughout Western Europe with the danse macabre (France), totentanz (Germany), and the danza de la muerte (Spain). There are hundreds of pieces of art depicting dancing skeletons. For the most part, these weren't meant to be frightening but for artistically symbolic purposes that we will all eventually join Death and his eternal dance.

Our fragrance Danse Macabre is inspired by the representations in art and literature of the deceased being called forth by Death to rise from their graves for a dance of the dead in the living world. An allegorical reminder that life and death are always close at hand. The base of this fragrance is the full-bodied aroma of a fine French Merlot. The addition of luscious black cherries gives this fragrance a velvety-sweet top note. This darkly sophisticated fragrance is sure to nourish your macabre soul.

4 ounce soy candle in a classic round jar: 25-30 hour burn time
9 ounce soy candle in an unique oval hexagonal jar: 55-60 hour burn time
Tea lights: available here

► Gift box included with 4oz and 9oz
► 16oz packaged in black & white burlap drawstring bag

► Perfectly scented with essential oil and perfume oil blends
► Hand blended with care in small batches with these simple ingredients: natural soy wax, cotton wick, premium fragrances, magic
►100% vegan and contains no dyes, parabens, phthalates, or other toxins
► $1 from every website order is donated to support wolf conservation. Learn more here.

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Customer Reviews

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Like mulled wine on a cold night

Perfect for fall and winter, this smells like rich, slightly fruity red wine. It will make you wish you had some cloves, cinnamon, orange peels, and brandy on hand to mull some wine and sit by a fire.

Perfect wine scent!

Somehow this candle manages to be fruity without being cloyingly sweet, so it really achieves a true wine note that pairs perfectly with the black cherry. I'm not a big fan of fruity scents but the addition of the merlot in this candle intrigued me, and I'm so glad I purchased it! Great autumn scent that's a nice change from the standard pumpkin/spice combos so frequently seen this time of year. I've never had an Old Soul Artisan candle I didn't love, and Danse Macabre is no exception!

Deathly delectable!

Received a small one with another order and oh wow! Dark, sweet, and heady. This is a sharper scent, but rich and deep enough that it isn’t overpowering. Perfectly balanced, and exquisite for chilly, dark autumn nights. So happy to have been able to try this one!

As a side note, and as always, customer service, shipping time, and packaging are always top notch. Every candle burns evenly and has exceptional throw, every time. I just w wanted to include that this is probably the best candle company out there! ❤️

Christina X Colosimo
Perfect for Fall

So far, so great with this candle. It has a strong, rich, warming scent that I love. Perfect for the chillier, longer nights to come. Will definitely buy the larger jar when my 4oz is done.