Crossroads Soy Candle (cardamom, star anise, ginger)


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Fragrance notes: cardamom, star anise, ginger

A crossroads is a place of several converging paths that require you to make a choice. Crossroads are literal locations, but are also symbolic of any major life decision where you find yourself 'at the crossroads' and the choices presented aren't always easy. Like when traveling, the path forward isn't always clear and can be murky and mysterious. Folktales have sprung up all over the world describing crossroads as liminal spaces where the veil between worlds is thinner, giving magic more power and supernatural entities are easier to summon. From strange animals, to faeries, spirits, demons, and hoodoo deities, there are countless tales of supernatural activity at crossroads.

A great deal of crossroads folklore depicts people who have sold their soul to the devil or a demon in exchange for a skill or riches. Two such examples are the character Faust from German legend and literature who made a crossroads pact with the devil for access to unlimited knowledge and more recently part of 19th century American folklore with the legendary blues musician Robert Johnson who is said to have bargained for his musical talent.

Crossroads is inspired by the mysterious and supernatural occurrences in these liminal locations where paths converge. This fragrance takes you to a place between worlds with its enticing base of vanilla bean layered with a spicy blend of cardamom and ginger with a bold top note of star anise. See you at the crossroads!

4 ounce soy candle in a classic round jar: 25-30 hour burn time
9 ounce soy candle in an unique oval hexagonal jar: 55-60 hour burn time
Tea lights: available here

► Gift box included with 4oz and 9oz
► Perfectly scented with essential oil and perfume oil blends
► Hand blended with care in small batches with these simple ingredients: natural soy wax, cotton wick, premium fragrances, magic
►100% vegan and contains no dyes, parabens, phthalates, or other toxins
► $1 from every website order is donated to support wolf conservation. Learn more here.

Candle care tips are included with every order. You can also learn how to extend the life of your new candle here.

Customer Reviews

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Sharp, Clean, Black Licorice!

Perhaps obvious to most, I learned upon receiving this that star anise is actually used to flavor black licorice, and the scent of that comes through clear and strong! It brought back fond childhood memories of being a knee-high gremlin and stealing a handful of my grandfather's brightly colored now-and-later's thinking they were chocolate or jellybeans... LOL! The look on my face I'm told was legendary.

I don't personally enjoy black licorice so can't speak as to the delicate notes or burn or throw as I didn't light it myself, but I have a friend who LOVES it that I'm going to gift this to and I'm very excited to do so, because OSA has always provided the highest quality and most thoughtful scent blends I've ever encountered so I have no doubt my friend will adore this.

Carolyn Maas
Lovely Candle

It's gone already. But I loved the combination of spicy things. I need to get another one. Old Soul Artisan is very good at making these candles. I am waiting for another candle to be delivered soon. Excellent quality and throw. I am glad there are three sizes to choose from in case you can't go full 16 ounces. Always a nice sample included as well. Thanks, Harmony!