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Kitsune Wax Melts (Japanese pear and ginseng)


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This fragrance is part of the 2021 Spring & Summer Collection

Fragrance notes: Japanese pear and ginseng

Japanese folklore contains a wealth of monsters and supernatural creatures known broadly as the yokai. The kitsune (pronounced "kit-sue-nay") is a type of shapeshifting fox known for being tricksters that possess paranormal abilities. The word kitsune means fox in Japanese. At one point this folktale belief was so prevalent in Japan that all foxes were presumed to potentially have supernatural powers. These kitsune tales have grown into a vast array of vividly imaginative representations of a single being. True to the common saying 'sly as a fox,' kitsunes are frequently characterized as mischievous trickster characters that lead travelers astray, trick people out of their belongings, or nudge them into humiliating situations. As a kitsune gets older and more powerful they have the ability to shapeshift into a human. Sometimes for malevolent reasons, but frequently just to fit into the human world. There are many stories featuring kitsune seductresses, lovers, and even devoted wives who attempt to hide their true identities from their partners. It's not easy to conceal their powers and these stories usually end in heartbreak.

Interestingly enough, there is a very different set of beliefs surrounding the kitsune. Inari is the Shinto deity of rice, agriculture, prosperity, and success. According to an ancient Japanese story the goddess descended from heaven riding a fox to deliver the first rice crops to Japan. Kitsune are the messengers of Inari who bless devotees and act as spiritual guardians against evil. As many as a third of all Shinto shrines in Japan are dedicated to Inari and are frequently surrounded by large statues of foxes. The folklore and spiritual beliefs surrounding the kitsune are incredibly diverse and representative of how deeply entwined the fox is within Japanese culture.

Kitsune is a bright and fresh blend of Japanese pear and ginseng. With their greenish-bronze color, slightly rough skin and white inner flesh, the Japanese pear is a beautiful thing to behold. The fruit is crisp and sweet with a subtle and refined aroma. An old Japanese tradition is to plant pear trees near a home's front gate or a corner of the property to ward off evil. Due to their price and status as a fine fruit they are often served to guests or given as gifts as a sign of respect. We've blended in another ingredient from the Far East, red ginseng. Widely used in traditional medicine, ginseng is a potent antioxidant and mood booster. It adds a slightly woody and spicy top note to the pleasingly sweet aroma of juicy pear. The fragrance of Kitsune is inspired by the smells and stories of old Japan, its immense catalog of folklore creatures, and of course, the most fabulously sly shapeshifting fox, the kitsune.

► 3 ounce clamshell: contains (6) 1-inch breakaway wax cubes

► Use 1-2 cubes at a time in an electric wax warmer

► Perfectly scented with essential oil and perfume oil blends
► Hand blended with care in small batches with these simple ingredients: natural soy wax, premium fragrances, magic
►100% vegan and contains no dyes, parabens, phthalates, or other toxins
► $1 from every website order is donated to support wolf conservation. Learn more here.

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