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Set the mood

by Harmony Todd January 30, 2020

Set the mood

Nothing says "I love you" like a well thought out gift.
Here is our curated list of the seven perfect scents for Valentine's Day.  

Adoration Soy Candle
The quintessential Valentine's Day fragrance. Adoration is inspired by love potions. It's an incredibly unique and romantic scent, perfect for the one your adore.

Enchanted Rose Soy Candle
Enchanted Rose
A rose for your Valentine! Inspired by the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted Rose is a delicate rose fragrance blended with orris root and bergamot.

Annabel Lee  Soy Candle

Annabel Lee
Edgar Allan Poe's poem Annabel Lee is about undying love. This is the perfect scent for your forever sweetheart.

Tranquility Soy Candle
The scent of vanilla is a powerful aphrodisiac. This pleasing fragrance is perfect for the bedroom to set the mood.

Immortal  Soy Candle
This fragrance is inspired by the folklore of vampires, the immortal creatures of the night. A bulk of vampire literature focuses on the romanticism and sexual appeal of these eternal beings. This scent is perfect to declare your immortal love.  
Evil Queen Soy Candle
Bow down to the one you love with this perfect fragrance for the queen in your life.

Sacred Soy Candle
Love is sacred. This is the perfect fragrance to burn while sharing your wishes and intentions for the future with your most sacred one.


Happy Valentine's Day!


Harmony Todd
Harmony Todd


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